The Lake Morey Foundation was created in 1984 as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization located in Fairlee, Vermont. The intent was to give individuals, businesses and community organizations a vehicle by which to make tax-deductible donations that are invested and used to support projects that help safeguard Lake Morey’s environment for the enjoyment of all who love the lake and its surroundings.

For four decades, the Lake Morey Foundation has also encouraged and expanded upon numerous complementary initiatives supported by the member-based Lake Morey Protective Association, the Town of Fairlee’s Lake Morey Commission, and various State and local agencies. Currently we are working closely with these agencies to mitigate the spread of cyanobacteria in our lake. We have also forged partnerships with numerous entities (including the Upper Valley Land Trust) to improve Lake Morey’s water quality and natural surroundings as a valuable recreational and economic resource in the Upper Connecticut River Valley.

Some examples of past projects carried out with Foundation funds include the conservation of 148 acres on Morey Mountain, the initiation of the Lake Morey trail system in surrounding hills, the construction of Fairlee’s community beach house, the support of local cultural programs, the preservation of neighboring forests, the installation of benches around the lake & town and, most significantly, the protection of water quality through the control of aquatic invasive species.


The Lake Morey Foundation is a nonprofit organization operating under State of Vermont-approved Articles of Incorporation, a set of Bylaws, Governance procedures and controls of carefully invested funds. Disbursements are made only after thorough review, ensuring that the basic purposes of the Lake Morey Foundation are observed. The most recent yearly summary of the Foundation’s activities is published in the Town of Fairlee’s Annual Report.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors whose members are elected to staggered 3-year terms. Each Director is also a member of one or more Board committees that carry out the business of the Foundation between official Board meetings. The Board of Directors meets twice a year, typically in May and September, and conducts other business via conference/video calls throughout the year.

Lake Morey Foundation Board of Directors 2023/2024

Greg Allen
Patty Armstrong, Secretary
Chris Baine, Treasurer
Shawn Byron
Ray Clark
Bruce Durgin
Peter Massicott, Vice President
Susanne Pacilio
Vince Pisegna
Laura Tucker, ex officio LMPA
Noël Walker
Bob Wertheimer, President