Why Should I Donate?

In order for the Lake Morey Foundation to continue investing in the health and beauty of Lake Morey and its environs we need your financial support!

Your donation contributes to the vitality of Lake Morey and surrounding community, including fighting milfoil and other invasive species, and maintaining the lake’s watershed and forested views.

What Should I Give?

Any donation amount is greatly appreciated! Gifts may be made in the form of cash, marketable securities or, in special cases, land. We are also honored to receive donations in memory or recognition of someone.

Financial support for the projects we fund comes entirely from donations by individuals, businesses and organizations – we are dependent on your contributions to enhance Lake Morey for current and future generations.

Is My Gift Tax-Deductible?

The Lake Morey Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization and, as such, financial contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible. The tax ID is 22-2559584.

Consult your tax professional if you have any questions about your specific situation.

How Do I Make A Donation?

Checks should be made payable to the Lake Morey Foundation and mailed to:

Lake Morey Foundation
P.O. Box 234
Fairlee, VT 05045

If you would like additional information on donor options, please contact us at info@lakemoreyfoundation.org and we will follow up with you personally.

Thank you for your generosity!

Over the past three decades the Foundation has provided more than $550,000 to initiatives that directly benefit Lake Morey and the surrounding community. With your help we can continue these efforts.

We appreciate your assistance and ongoing support!