The Lake Morey Foundation will consider grant requests that support our goal:

“to protect, preserve, conserve and enhance Lake Morey in Fairlee, VT, and its watershed and viewshed as an environmental, recreational and economic resource.”

Any organization may request project funding for this stated purpose. We accept grant requests at any time and award funding throughout the year. In order to have your project or initiative considered, please complete the following steps:

1. Download and complete our grant request form.

2. Provide any additional information and history about your project that you believe will help the Foundation reach a decision on your funding request.

3. Email or mail your completed form with authorized signature and any supporting documents to:

Lake Morey Foundation
PO Box 234
Fairlee, VT 05045

After receipt of the grant request form and supporting documentation, the Grant Review Committee will evaluate your proposal and make a funding determination. The Committee may submit the request to the Foundation’s Board of Directors for further consideration. The Grant Review Committee may request that you or a representative of your organization answer additional questions or appear at a meeting to discuss your application. Available project funding is subject to budgetary limits established annually by the Lake Morey Foundation.

If your grant request is approved by the Foundation, the Grant Review Committee will notify your organization within 30 days of its approval. At that time, you may be asked to provide the following information in order to release the funds:

  • Date the funds are needed
  • Legal name and address of payee
  • Contact person handling expenditures/accounting for project
  • Confirmation that any specific criteria the Foundation required be met have been completed prior to funding the project

After the project is completed we encourage you to submit a final report to the Lake Morey Foundation and include the following information:

  • Summary of the final project
  • Description of how grant funds were spent
  • Example of how the Foundation was recognized for its contribution

Past Projects

Lake Morey paddleboarding

The Lake Morey Foundation has provided funds to help initiate, support and maintain many worthwhile projects that have benefited the lake and surrounding community.

Examples include:

Water Quality Initiatives

  • Town of Fairlee milfoil control program
  • Expanded greeter program to combat invasive species entering our lake
  • Cyanobacteria mitigation

Land Conservation and Trails

  • Morey Mountain land conservation with Upper Valley Land Trust
  • Brushwood Community Forest conservation program
  • Friends of Fairlee Forest festival
  • Lake Morey trails development

Community Initiatives

  • Town of Fairlee community beach house construction
  • Town beach facilities enhancement including play structure, drinking fountain, flagpole and trees
  • Town of Fairlee 250th celebration
  • Town Hall Renovation Project
  • Fairlee Public Library and Historical Society
  • Fairlee Community Arts

If you have any questions about the types of projects we would consider for funding please contact us.